Makers For Children’s Hospital

Makers For Children’s Hospital

Raised To Date: R20 000 THANKS TO YOU!

A Maker Station community project, in consultation with The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and with the support of the Children’s Hospital Trust, to develop and provide open source emergency PPE and medical solutions for the fight against COVID-19.

Hashtag: #makers4RXH

The world is in crisis and we need to join forces to combat COVID-19. The situation in South Africa and in Cape Town is no different.

At The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, the heads of paediatrics, surgery, emergency care, ICU, anaesthetics, as well as other staff, have identified specific needs for emergency Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and other medical solutions.

That is why Maker Station has launched the Makers for The Children’s Hospital Project in consultation with The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and with the support of the Children’s Hospital Trust.

The goal of the project is to develop and provide open source emergency PPE and other medical solutions.

We have an opportunity to use Maker Station’s skills, knowledge and resources to provide innovative solutions for the specific needs and challenges that the Children’s Hospital faces in the COVID-19 pandemic. All proposed solutions will undergo robust discussion and testing before implementation so that we can be sure to provide the Children’s Hospital with solutions that are tailored towards their needs and specifications.


Making it open source extends the reach and impact of these solutions. It enables makers and hospitals across the country, the African continent, and the rest of the world to tap into and adapt these solutions for their needs and specifications. To make this easier, all work will be licensed under a creative commons license.

Since the start of the lockdown, Maker Station has been engaged in the process of  designing, discussing and testing solutions, resulting in more than 10 products, design briefs meeting the specific needs as defined by the Children’s Hospital.

The huge demand for PPE and other medical and sanitation solutions since the start of the pandemic has put a massive strain on supply chains and on the resources available to the medical fraternity. The Maker Communities with their dispersed, decentralised innovation and manufacturing capacities have stepped into the breach all over the world to provide stopgap PPE and other solutions to prop up overburdened front-line systems and workers.

Maker Station is working with the administrative support of the Children’s Hospital Trust to provide innovative solutions for technical problems that have emerged in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic  in consultation with The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.


We need your help so that we can:

Design and test more solutions
Refine existing solutions
Go into full production of the most critical products to protect medical staff and take care of patients.

Your donations will help to elevate this collaborative effort to a “super power” level. It will increase our  resources and our ability to deliver all the needed solutions, so that we can more effectively protect the medical staff of the Children’s Hospital. Allowing medical staff take care of and protect their patients in greater safety.


Your contribution will be used for research, design, and batch production of PPE and medical equipment in consultation with The Red Cross Children’s War Memorial Hospital heads of department, as stopgap measures in the fight against COVID-19.

There are two ways to make your donation:

We are running a Backabuddy campaign where anyone can make donations that will be deposited into a dedicated account administered by the Children’s Hospital Trust. Please see the campaign’s page:
If you require an 18A tax certificate, direct donations should be made to the Children’s Hospital Trust accounts provided below.


The Children’s Hospital Trust will administer all donations ensuring strict financial accountability and a guarantee that 100% of your donation goes to the Makers for The Children’s Hospital Project.

In addition, 18A tax certificates will be provided to donors who donate R100 or more, thank you letters will be issued and feedback in the form of a one-page report will be provided to donors.

To donate: Use the following details with the reference  “Makers4RXH”


Bank: Standard Bank Rondebosch Branch code: 025009 Account No: 071 443 126Reference: Makers4RXH


Bank: Standard Bank RondeboschBranch code: 02500911Account number: 071 433 090Swift code: SBZAZAJJBank tel number +27 21 680 4729Reference: Makers4RXH

United Kingdom

Bank: CAF BankSort code: 40-53-40Account number: 00030976IBAN: GB48 CAFB40524000030976Reference: Makers4RXH

For our records and to ensure you receive your 18A tax certificate and thank you letter, please email a copy of your proof of payment to:


On behalf of the Makers for The Children’s Hospital project, medical staff and front-line workers, we would like to thank you for your donation. It will make it possible for our community of makers to deliver on the needs of the Children’s Hospital as professionally and timeously as possible.

Current projects already identified include: (The first 6 of 20 already identified)

Project Progress Funding Delivery

Face (splash) shields.

Qty provisionally: 1000

Design has been signed off. Ready for production    sample material donation.None allocated 20  prototypes

Personal secure face mask sealing rings.

Qty provisionally: 1000

Bellus3D App scan, trial scans and 3D printing. Proof of concept ok. Samples printed and donated.None allocated 10 samples for trial

Moveable room dividers.

Qty provisionally: 22

Design has been signed off. Ready for production None allocated

Nebulisation and procedure hoods.

Qty provisionally: 20?

None allocated

Personalised cleanable and reusable N95 masks.

Qty provisionally: 100?

None allocated

Clips for tracheostomies.

Qty provisionally: 200?

None allocated


ZAMakers  is a group of makers who collaborate with the aim to promote, source, develop and supply open-source, appropriate technologies to fight COVID-19.
Maker Station HQ Maker Station is a multidisciplinary network of engineers, artisans, artists, and others who are committed to sharing expertise. Maker Station HQ is situated in Woodstock, Cape Town with links to volunteers spread throughout the city, country, and the rest of the world.
ZAmakers, our Dispersed Network of Makers, Fabricators, Maker Spaces and other amazing volunteers are working hard towards filling the needs and gaps for our sanitation and healthcare front-line warriors.
The Red Cross Children’s War Memorial Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa was opened in 1956 through public subscription as a memorial to soldiers lost in the Second World War. It is one of two dedicated children’s public hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa.
Open Design Afrika uses its platform to democratise new knowledge and focus on Creativity as an agent for change to help build capacity for the Greater Good in Africa.
The Children’s Hospital Trust is an independent NPO set up in 1994 to raise funds to help advance child healthcare through the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.  This partnership with the Children’s Hospital Trust allows donors’ funds to be ring fenced with strict financial accountability and a guarantee that 100% of each donation goes to the project.  There are no overhead costs taken from these donations.  In addition, tax certificates will be provided to donors who donate R100 and more, thank you letters will be issued, and feedback in the form of a one page report will be provided to donors.
3D Community SA The arrival of the coronavirus has seen the 3D Community step forward collectively with the common goal of finding ways to help. South Africa has unique challenges with regard to the outbreak of coronavirus. If there is a way that 3D printing can collectively help anyone from the unsung heroes on the front-lines to our most vulnerable communities, then we must endeavour do so.
Projects in the pipeline bellow

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