Vendor Tours

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Things I Should Know As A Customer

  • Every purchase on this site helps a small business
  • Every purchase on this site goes to feeding a family
  • Every purchase on this site donates to a good cause
  • Yes everyone donates to the cause even those not donating
  • A percentage of Mall4Makers transaction fee is donated to Our cause

How We Do Business

  • Customers deal directly with Our Vendors
  • Mall4Makers is only a facilitation platform
  • Our Vendors are liable for there own shipping
  • Our Vendors must complete the transaction
  • We will only apply funds to Vendors Account on completion of transaction

Things I Should Know As A Vendor

How Transactions Work

  • Your Store is Free.
  • You do not have to donate to any cause
  • The amount you choose to donate is up to you
  • If you want a custom donation Amount it can be arranged
  • All payments go to the Mall4Makers bank account
  • Mall4Maker charges 10% commission to keep the lights on
  • A portion of Mall4Makers commission is also donated to the cause

How Withdrawals Works

  • All your funds are held in your store wallet
  • Can be viewed in the Vendors back end
  • All Vendors will be paid out once a month only on the 1st of every month
  • You will need to request this withdrawal each month
  • All payments to Vendors made via EFT
  • A Vendor payout fee of R10 is charged on every withdrawal requested
  • Be careful to only request a withdrawal once a month or it may cost you R10 per request
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is R250
  • We choose these methods to keep costs down as much as possible

How Does The Math Work